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We strive to achieve a benchmark of all eligible employees becoming fully vaccinated to contribute to the safety conditions for their peers, residents, and own personal safety. To support this initiative we  launched our VaxNation program and hosted an on-site campaign day in August to provide additional education to those currently unvaccinated to make their most informed decision. During the campaign day, gift cards were presented to those that have joined VaxNation by being fully vaccinated and encouraging those to join this movement. Fully vaccinated employees will be eligible to participate in a drawing for prizes to be raffled off in September including flat-screen TVs, iPads, and a grand prize valued at $5,000.00. We hope the community at large will also join VaxNation to ensure that the community transmission remains low to protect those most vulnerable who work and live in our skilled nursing facility.

This bar reflects our company-wide vaccination rate as we approach our goal of 100% (last updated on May 5).