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One of the benefits of Next Step Healthcare is the wide range of needs we are able to meet throughout our 18 locations. Whether you're looking for a place to call home for the next 2 months or for the next 10 years, we have a place for you.




If you or a loved one are in recovery from a stroke, joint replacement, neurological injury, or any number of surgeries or illnesses, you may be concerned about what the next step is. Many patients who are ready to leave the hospital aren’t yet ready to return to their normal activities at home. At a short-term rehabilitation facility, you’ll receive a care plan to help you return to your fullest capacity as soon as possible, under the care of professionals ready to help.

Recovering from Surgery

Recovering from Illness

You may be ready to be discharged from the hospital 3 days after your knee replacement, but you aren’t sure how you will navigate the stairs at home, let alone cook, clean, get dressed and get in those exercises that the doctor recommended…that’s when a short term stay at a Skilled Nursing Facility can be the perfect next step. Your recovery will be carefully monitored by our trained staff of nurses, and you won’t need to worry about anything besides getting back to your fullest capacity.

After a particularly rough case of the flu or pneumonia that lands you in the hospital, you may be left weakened and need extra time to recover your strength. The extra step of a short term stay at a Next Step facility may be exactly what you need to feel better about eventually going back home. The team at Next Step will put together a care plan involving good nutrition, exercise and physical therapy to get you back to health.

Recovering from a Fall

Icy steps and sidewalks can be a huge hazard during the winter, while slick pool decks are slippery and dangerous in summer. No matter the cause, recovering from a fall is not something to tackle on your own. Monitoring the injury while simultaneously attempting to regain strength is something a trained professional can help you with, and decrease the risk of a future spill.




When someone becomes dependent on others for help with daily needs such as getting dressed, eating, taking a shower or bath, going to the bathroom, getting into a bed or chair, or walking from place to place, it may be time for them to move into a Long Term Care Facility. Whether your loved one has memory loss or needs pulmonary rehabilitation, are looking for a private room or are suffering from a brain injury and need neurorehabilitation, we’re sure to have a facility that’s the perfect place to call home.

Short-Term Turns Long-Term

Medical Diagnosis

During you/your loved ones’ stay at a skilled nursing facility, our staff members set initial treatment goals with the intention of sending you home. Sometimes, slow or little progress is made towards those initial goals, and the decision is made to extend stay. There are many reasons why this can be the best next step. For instance, your family member’s house or apartment may not be set up for their new limitations. At a Next Step facility, you can be sure that we have everything you might need to stay happy and healthy.

When facing a difficult diagnosis such as memory loss or Huntington’s Disease, it may become too much for a family member to be the sole caretaker without professional help. The best place for your loved one could be a Long Term Care Facility so that our where caregivers are able to take care of them in the best possible way.

Growing Safety Concerns

If your father’s multi-level home does not have an elevator and he now uses a wheelchair, or your mother’s house has more steps than she can climb because of her heart condition, you may spend your nights awake worrying about their safety. Sometimes bathrooms and kitchens are not arranged in ways that loved ones can manage safely on their own. If this is the case, it may be time for you to consider a Long Term Care Facility that fits your loved ones needs.


"Throughout some difficult times, the staff has always given me guidance and support. Your jobs and the services you all provide are very challenging. Not everyone is cut out for this line of work, but I commend your organization for putting together a staff to be proud of."


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